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The nauticle cable tow

Have a cable tow made in your school colours – contact WBro. Brian Barton

I am a Dorset Freemason and ex Royal Navy CPO. My Lodge, Loyal Manor Lodge 6445 meets at Portland (on Chesil Beach). I am currently working on a charity project and I’m contacting as many Lodges as possible to inform them of the project. I am especially contacting Lodges with a Naval, Maritime or Military connection. We are not restricted to such Lodges, it is open to all!! It keeps me sane and enables me to talk to lots of new Masons and learn about their Lodges. Given the diversity of students who have passed through Wellington, I am sure there will be brethren who have an affinity with the sea and all things connected to it.

In support of Dorset Festival ’25, Loyal Manor Lodge No 6445, meeting at Portland, are offering to present Lodges with a Nautical Cable Tow in return for a donation of £60 this will cover material, postage and the remainder being a donation to the Masonic Charitable Foundation Charity. This is a bespoke Cable Tow, it is hand made by myself, an ex Royal Navy Chief Petty Officer (Minewarfare) and it is fully functional, able to adorn Candidates for years to come. I have attached an image and the presentation text. 

I do hope that your Lodge will appreciate this unique concept and wish to come aboard. Please let me know that you have received this message. Your personal and your Lodge comments would be much appreciated. Please feel free to pass the information together with my contact details to any contact or Lodge which you may consider it to be of interest.

I always welcome a phone call from a Brother and would also welcome any information regarding your Lodge history. 

Fair Wind and a Steady Course


Contact Details:

WBro Brian Barton PGStB

Email: brian41barton@gmail.com

MOB: 07778339013

The Travelling Gavel gets rescued!

The Federation Travelling Gavel was rescued from Old Blackburnian 7933 on Friday evening and is now held by Old Giggleswickian 8263 in Settle. It was a very enjoyable evening and as ever the OGs were very well hosted by the OBs.

Opportunities for its next rescue will occur on Tuesdays 10th March, 12th May and 8th September.

Any Lodge wishing to attempt a rescue should kindly liaise with myself and give written notice to our Secretary, W.Bro Peter Thornton  L8263Sec@gmail.com