About Us

The first statement from the Management Committee set out the principles of the Federation :

“The Founders of the Federation believe that Masonic Lodges mainly or entirely deriving their membership from School ‘Old Boys’ have, by their very nature, a quality of their own:  they desire primarily therefore to do two things :

  1. To provide an easy way by which such Lodges may be made aware of each other’s existence and so make it possible for their members who leave the district within which their School Lodge is situated, to make an immediate contact with another Lodge, similar to their own without being dependant on an accidental personal contact.
  2. To promote an Annual Festival at which the opportunity would occur for members of Federated Lodges to meet together for their mutual enjoyment”.

The first principle of the Federation’s constitution provides for any member of a participating Lodge in the Federation to visit any other ‘Old Boys’ Lodge in the Federation, with no necessity for a personal invitation from one of their members. So any member who is staying or visiting anywhere in the United Kingdom can make contact with the Secretary of the local ‘Old Boys’ Lodge to attend their meetings, where they will be assured of a truly masonic welcome.

Since 1949, many social changes have taken place particularly in  education.  Many of the schools which supported their own Lodge have closed or amalgamated with the result that their Lodges have been obliged to open up membership to survive.  Such Lodges are still eligible for membership of the Federation.  A recent change in the constitution enables Chapters attached to School Lodges and School Mark Lodges to apply for membership.

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