2021 Festival

As the Secretary or Federation Correspondent for you Lodge we are pleased to send you details and booking form for the forthcoming Federation Festival in Bath on 23rd October.

As you might have guessed our planning and preparation has been beset by problems associated with COVID, not only the uncertainty as to what and when we could meet and how we might be able to conduct such a meeting but also the difficulty in trying to review and finalise plans made a couple of years ago when physical meetings have been impossible.

However, we do seem to have overcome these problems and it does look as if our meeting can go ahead without any undue impositions, at least according the current Government regulations!

Please thus find linked below the:

                Invitation and Programme

                Booking Form

                Accommodation Information

                Travel Details

                Synopsis of Presentation.

We ask you to forward these to all the Brethren in your Lodge, immediately.

You will note that the Booking Form is to be returned directly to us at book2021@fslfestival.org.uk

You will in due course be notified who from you lodge is intending to attend.

We really look forward to welcoming members from you Lodge to our School in Bath for what we hope will not only be a special event but one we can particularly enjoy in the “new normal”.

Note that the whole of the afternoon events at the School are open to all accompanying persons as well as Masons.

Yours fraternally


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