Report on the 2017 festival

The 2017 Festival was held in the delightful setting of Pocklington School, near York, under the Banner of the Old Pocklingtonian Lodge No. 7867. It was graced by the PGM of Yorkshire North and East, R. W. Bro. Jeffrey Gillyon, a past President of the Federation, as well as two other PPGM’s – the outgoing FSL President, R. W. Bro. Colin Harris (Hertfordshire) and a Past President R.W. Bro. David Jenkins (Somerset). Within the Lodge meeting, the brethren were musically entertained by ‘The Daggards’, with masonic tunes from the eighteenth century through to more recent times. This unusual ‘main event’ was very well received and requirement for the brethren’s singing involvement proved highly entertaining! The ladies meanwhile enjoyed a trip to the gardens at the nearby Burnby Hall. There followed a superb white table dinner appreciated by all and the evening finished with a couple of suitable songs by ‘The Daggards’.

At the AGM, it was agreed to make two donations, one of £250 towards the new Arts Centre nearing completion at the School and one for £1,000 to the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys to mark the Tercentenary of Grand Lodge. The meeting also saw a change to one of the Joint Secretaries. W. Bro. Clifford Payton stood down after five years of sterling work, and was suitably thanked. His replacement is W. Bro. John Hubbard, who can be contacted at .

The photos show the new FSL President, V. W. Bro. Nigel Bramley-Howarth, PDepPGM (E. Lancs), presenting the cheques to Mr White, the Head of the Preparatory School, and to V. W. Bro. James Newman, Deputy President and Chairman of the Masonic Charitable Foundation.